No Work in the Grave: Life in the Toe River Valley (no international shipping)
Confronting the Silence (no international shipping)
Sponsoring talks, workshops, events
 and other activities that sustain the values 
for which Wilma Dykeman stood:
--Environmental integrity
--Social justice
--The power of the written and spoken word.

Who is Wilma Dykeman?

Wilma Dykeman (1920 - 2006) was a writer, speaker, teacher, historian, & environmentalist.

She traveled and spoke widely, but she spent most of her life in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.

Among her many achievements in life, she:
-- made the first full-fledged economic argument against water pollution (seven years before Rachel Carson) in
her 1955 book The French Broad
-- won the Sidney Hillman Award for the best book of the year on social justice
-- wrote a novel (The Tall Woman) that has sold more than 200,000 copies
-- taught creative writing & Appalachian literature at the University of Tennessee for over 20 years
-- served on the boards of Berea College & the
University of North Carolina at Asheville
-- served as Tennessee State Historian for over 20 years